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Ashland Chautauqua - Celebrating 25 years!


Thank you to our 2024 Character Sponors for their generous support:





The Ashland Chautauqua Committee is excited for our special 2024 Silver Celebration with the theme "A Trip Down Memory Lane." For more details on our July 16-24, 2024 events, view the schedule or go to our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who attended our special 3-day events in April (information on these past events can be found HERE).



"The Chautauqua is the most American thing in America." -- Theodore Roosevelt

In the tradition of the American Chautauqua, the Ashland, Ohio Chautauqua allows audiences to witness history in its most compelling form - first person historical portrayals. Nationally recruited scholar-actors take on the roles of historical figures, appearing in costume and presenting exciting living history performances. Concurrent with these performances, and again in keeping with the Chautauqua tradition, Ashland Chautauqua also provides musical performances with each living history performance and daytime workshops throughout the week of Chautauqua. In 2020, we added virtual book discussions that run from the fall through the following spring.